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Karla A.

1. The use of metal frame, surface polishing, smooth and not rust
2. Imported glass lenses, thickness 5MM, high-definition imaging
3. Highlight LED bulbs, life of up to 50,000 hours or more, very durable
4. Dual switch, yellow / white light to switch
5. Touch the switch, adjust the brightness, long press the switch, you can adjust the brightness of the bulb
1. This is a large hardware desktop mirror. Bigger and brighter.
2. Optimize the structure, installation and removal easier.
3. Mirror can be used as a lamp.
4. Fashion modeling beautiful.
5.12 bright LED lights, room lighting is not enough, can make makeup easy.
6. Smart chip can adjust the brightness of the light.
7.DC direct charge power supply.
Size: 355 * 85 * 480mm
Mirror size: 300 * 410mm
Voltage: 110V-230V
Material: Tinplate
Light bulb: 10* 3W LED bulbs