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Are you a fashion blogger , a photographer , youtuber ? this is for you !




photography led photo tent box 200x80x120cm photo studio soft light box 2m big size studio box



1. The light box utilizes a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare.  

2. Three color background boards provide super white, dark or soft light reflection and create an infinite field of depth. 

3. Tow shooting holes allow you to shoot in different angles for different objects.  


4. Very easy to set up. The frame of the shooting box can be set up by convenient joints. And the tent body is built with zippers. 




Model NO. GXL-D020

Body size : 200*80*120cm

Product Shooting Size : 100*70*190cm

Output voltage : DC 18V

Input voltage : AC 85V- 240V

Color Rendering Index >90

Brightness : 12000-13000LM

Lamp life : 30000H

Color temp : 5500±200K

Shipping weight:9kg



What's in the box? 

Package List:

1 x LED power supply(100V-250V) with dimmer switch 

6 x LED lighting band(60 LEDs each) 

8 x Plastic frame joint 

2 x Set of Screw 

12 x led bars clipper 

1 x Zippered Tent body(reflector) 

1 x large Background boards 

1 x Carry bag