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 HOLLYWOOD is a new portable Ring light specially designed thinking of live videos , selfies and how to make life easier for bloggers.

light is 12" with makes it easier is traveling.

*Micro USB Port for External Power Supply 

*all devices can be attached to the Hollywood ring light.

this ring light can also be attached to your professional camera.


Hollywood ring light  can be plugged by phone charger, portable power bank or computer USB3.0 port.  


*hollywood ring light has cool and warm tones 



*Hollywood ring light  can be connected to tripod mount and used on various occasions. By using stable base, you can use it on the desktop or other platform.  


Light source: 128pcs of SMD LED 

Color temperature: 3200K~5500K        

  Life expectancy: 50000h           

External power supply: phone charger, portable power bank or computer USB port


please allow 7 days for this item to ship during holiday season.