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  • MAKE EVERY PRODUCT SHINE: Get the perfect lighting and backdrop using our Portable Lightbox Studio. Ideal for photography of small object, taking pictures for your online business has never been so easy. Take pictures like a professional with your smartphone.
  • ★PORTABILITY MATTERS:It is as lightweight as a paper when folded. This collapsible design makes it easy to carry and saves up space. 
  • SIZE : 10X10
  • ★SUPERIOR QUALITY:The material used in making our Lightbox studio is a hard-polypropylene material with a matte-finished surface. This makes sure that our product is Durable and yet Lightweight.
  • ★EASY TO SETUP:With 2 color backdrop options (Black and White), setting up this studio is only a matter of minutes! Unfold the LED, use the provided Micro USB cable and the built-in magnet to make it a box and Voila! You are ready to go!
  • Start taking beautiful pictures of your makeup , nail art whatever it is you love ! and never worry about lighting.