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Can't Get Satisfied Selfie Photos in the darkness Enviroment? Here is the Solution: this Magic, Round, Palm-sized Gadget Clears all your Worries and Frustrations!

With 32 LED bulb, this Specially Designed Selfie Light Provides Supplemental or Side Lighting for Photography in the Night or Darkness, Helps you to Get Higher Quality Pictures and Videos even in Low-light Place.

Plug-free and Super Easy Operation: just by Clamping this Flexible Clip Style Light on Your Smart Phone and Pressing the Button, you will Get the Supplementary Lighting.

  • 3 mode lighting
  • 2pcs of AAA battery (Not included) 

Compatible with All Brands Smart Phones: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other Phones.

Diameter: 8.5cm. Tiny and Can be Easily Portable in Pocket or Bag to Enjoy it Everywhere. No Heat Occurs after Continuous Lighting. Also, this item Can be Used as an Emergency Light.


This product is perfect for makeup artists, it will not wash out the makeup 


this product might take 5-7 days to ship due to high volume of sales

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  • 4
    Handy Tool

    Posted by Peyton Reilly on Aug 18th 2017

    I really do like the selfie ring light, you can take it anywhere and it's so helpful for getting nice lighting without using a giant ring light :)

  • 4
    Selfie Ring Light

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 17th 2017

    I absolutely love this product. I wasn't sure it would make much of a difference but it really does. I use this all the time and I love that there are three settings. I don't use it as much as I thought I would but I am very happy I made this purchase. I had to go through a bit of trouble for it to be shipped but when I was finally able to get into contact with someone they were very nice about it and made sure my order was processed asap.

  • 3
    amazing but it broke :(

    Posted by Carina on Jun 13th 2017

    I was super excited to use this as soon as it was delivered. I had it for a couple of days and it was amazing except one time it unclipped from my phone as I was taking a picture and it dropped. When i picked it up I discovered that the power button was stuck so there was no way turn it off unless I took the batteries out. I tried to adjust the button with a pin but it wouldn't come back up. Now the only time I can use it is if I put the batteries back in and take it out. It's a little bit annoying but the ring light is really good! I may order another one just to replace it and hopefully the same thing doesn't happen again :(

  • 4
    Good for beginner mua's!

    Posted by Alex on Jun 13th 2017

    I bought this selfie ring light to take better pictures of makeup on clients instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a camera. I'm just starting out so I didn't want to invest hundreds into cameras and equipment, and this light works good. I love that its portable and has 3 settings.

  • 5
    Selfie Ring Light

    Posted by Jas on May 11th 2017

    I absolutely love it! I don't leave the house without it, like literally! I bought two just in case something happened to the other one, that's how much I love it. I find it more convenient than having a selfie case cause sometimes I want to change my case around. I definitely recommend this product!

  • 4
    Pleased Overall

    Posted by Tousled Elegance on Mar 2nd 2017

    This is great - does what it is supposed to do. It does cover part of the screen though, so there's a lot of moving it up and down, taking it on and off to view your photos or see yourself in the viewfinder/preview to frame the shot. Ilove that it is battery powered, but light-weight. I have some usb ring lights and they need charged often, whereas you can use this for quite some time before needing to change the batteries.
    Geeking out a bit: I wouldn't mind an even lower light/lumens setting as well or a variety of color temperatures/kelvin. Nonetheless, it is wonderful for what most people use it for and the right price point for my intentions.

  • 4
    loved it at first

    Posted by Brianna on Feb 25th 2017

    I loved this when I first got it but very shortly after the back popped off and was lost. It now only works part of the time and is very frustrating.

  • 4
    selfie ring light

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2017

    Love my selfie ring light. Works perfectly on my phone or clipping on to a mirror. Definitely more for a few pictures because if you use it for an hour the batteries start to fade and the light starts to flicker.
    Other than that I'm happy with it.

  • 5

    Posted by Natalie on Feb 15th 2017

    Works really well and my selfies all come out flawless. The only thing is that it buzzes when on the highest level.