19" Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Lighting Kit with Light Stand + remote

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STRIKE A POSE – Lights, camera, take action! Level up your picture and video quality with a Sturdy  lighting kit! Whether you’re filming for your YouTube channel, applying makeup, or aiming to get your best selfie, get high-detail results and perfect lighting with your 19” LED light ring!


GET THE PERFECT PICTURE – Set your camera and video lighting to your exact liking! Your dimmable Sturdy  ringlight is adjustable anywhere from 1-100% brightness, and the flexible tripod tube suspends your camera or phone at the ideal angle! Play with color using 2 filter inserts in orange and white!


SELFIES ON-THE-GO – Batteries be gone! With  Tiger, you can snap a breathtaking shot anywhere you go! Your ring light stand collapses down and folds into the carrying case, which is large enough to hold the entire kit, including the selfie ring light, filters, charger, & MORE!


BONUS BLUETOOTH RECIEVER – No more discovering your entire photo shoot or video was shot in poor lighting! Sync your camera, iPhone, or smartphone up to the BONUS Bluetooth receiver for premium pictures as you go – see your selfie-lit shots appear in real-time!